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The beer garden history begins exactly 200 years ago, with a set of laws and regulations unique to Munich, Germany.

During the 16th century beer was brewed in vast tanks heated by open flames, which resulted in numerous summer fires. Following these fires, beer was banned from being brewed in Munich between April and September. The breweries faced an obstacle, where on one hand beer was not suitable to be aged, definitely not before the pasteurizing process was discovered during the 19th century, but the demand for beer peaked during the warm summer months.

Eventually the breweries decided to brew-ahead the beers and preserve them in large cool cellars dug 8 meters below ground. In addition, the breweries planted chestnut trees above the cellars, rich with green fauna to shade and protect the beer inside the cellars from the blazing summer sun.

In 1812 the breweries realized that the shaded areas along with the proximity to the brewery was the perfect place to establish a beer garden.

Address: Cabin 16, Tel-Aviv harbor 3, Tel Aviv Port
Phone: 053-5494912
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Mon-Thu , 18:00-02:00
Fri-Sat , 12:00-02:00
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  • not kosher
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Address: Cabin 16, Tel-Aviv harbor 3, Tel Aviv Port
Connecting number
Phone: 053-5494912